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Performance by Nia Rich, Alex Stewart, and Simmone Stearn

Mark Jarzombek at MIT, 2018

Mark Jarzombek at MIT, 2019

Mark Jarzombek at the Space Time Existence exhibition (Venice, 2022) and in front of the O(UR project "Tirtha: Recomposting Temples Complex" .

Mark Jarzombek Visiting Pueblo Site in Utah.JPG

Mark Jarzombek, Utah,  2016

Mark Jarzombe and David Friedman in the Valley of the Kings.JPG

Mark Jarzombek with David Friedman  Egypt, Valley of the Kings, 2009

mark in zurich.jpg

Mark Jarzombek at the Berlin Dad Club,  2010


Mark Jarzombek, 2011

Mark Jarzombek and Mies van der Rohe in Conversation.jpg

Mark Jarzombek conversing with Mies van der Rohe, 

2016-09-16 20.21.22.jpg

Mark Jarzombek at MIT, 2008

MJ London 2018.jpg

Mark Jarzombek. London, 2018

ackernam and david 2012.jpg

David Friedman, Jim Ackerman and Mark Jarzombek, 2012

MJ Ny 2018.jpg

Mark Jarzombek, New York, 2016

jarzombek.2 copy.tif

Mark Jarzombek.Somewhere in England, 1985

dd 2007.JPG

Mark Jarzombek. Climbing up to Debre Damo, Ethiopia, 2007


Gedeminas Urbonas and Mark Jarzombek playing basketball, 2007

Mark Jarzombek in Vienna, 2013

Mark Jarzombek in the "salt Works', ca. 1996

Mark Jarzombek in Cambodia, ca. 2004

Mark Jarzombek in Havanna Cuba, ca. 2012

Mark Jarzombek at MIT, 2008

Mark Jarzombek with his sister Michelle in Berlin, 2023

Mark Jarzombek a the grave of G. F. Hegel in Berlin, 2023

Mark Jarzombek in Berlin, 2023

Mark Jarzombek in Venice with students from the Department of Architecture , 2023

Mark Jarzombek in Venice, 2023


Mark Jarzombek in Venice, 2023

Mark Jarzombek in Venice, 2023

Mark Jarzombek, 2023

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